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ú&terror at a television ú&twork. the chaotic scene after a man spring building. whereeearll s now and its updattd track as it moves towards thh statt in my skywatch forecast. ú&ing on. >> fighting back againss crime in baltimore. the viewwr tip that led to this accused of. aad tens of thousands of doolarr for a sidewalk. why the city paid so much money -or a one-black alkway. hello, i'' jeff barnd and i'm jeenifer gilbert. police ssoot a suspecc in a hostage situatiin in silver spping.
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we aae following that breaking nnws out of silver spring &-it happpned just moments ago t ú&e discoveey channel headquarters. &-right now at the sceneein sil3 spring. officers have closed own the area. police cars arr surrounding the discovery channel building. ú&e sittation apparently resolved now after a very tense afternoon. poliieesay the suspect, 44-year-old james j lee, walked into hh building around 1 this afternoon with devices strapped on his bodd anddwavvng a handgun. police say he then took three hostages during that four-hour stand off. police eventually shot him but his ccndition is not known. p> there may be some other potential devices with hii or near him hat he brought in, but again none of this is confirmed. >> police say lee is an environmental protesttr wwo is demonstrated outside of the disccvery headquarters before.
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all three hostages have3ú reportedly bben released. policc say most of the 1900 people who ork at thatt3 discovery building were able to -gt out okay. amoog the people evacuuted, small children. there's day care in the discovery building. parents and day care orkers pushed cribs acroos the street,3 as you can see there, and oohers carried chillree to safety. druggempire ruu right here from3 the state of maryland. arresttd including the suspecced drug kingpin. tonight the searchhfoo $11ú keith daniels has the story. >> reporter: detecttvvs laaeled stephen blackwwll as the ring leader of this heeoin distributiin ripping.3 they say he committed as much violence as he made money. spears o distribute heroin. according to the indiccment the
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drug operatiin began in 2000 nd sttetchhd froo baltimorr to new york to thh dominican republic. prosecutors ccll itta iolent operation with one act linked to &-dealerss pened fire at aal backyard barbecue in eest -e's in custody n nnw york tonight after a lengthy investigation. >> often undercover investigations where you're using either cooperating crimmnals out on the street or federal aggnts who arr operating or purporting to ruu &-the $10 mmllion in drug monee, they will sees assets nnluding real esttte and the $740,000 home they say blackwell owns. keith danieess fox 45 nnws at 5:30. >> thank you, keith. police make an arrest after a body is found in the innerúha.
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ú&lice arested 20-year-ood wayne black in 2008. pushing a an in he aaer afte3 asking hii ffr a cigarette.3ú &-away from starting his junior year on an engineering scholarship. a man suspected of raping a a sexually transmitted disease is off the streett because a crime and justice reporter joy lepoll tells us ll it look for a phone call. >> reporter: jennifer, on friia3 night during fox 45's fugitive files a call came in that led to the capture of a fugittve poliie had been anting to track down. ú&tectives made the arrest this morning. >> aaything to say for yourself? on.i don't even kkow has going >> reporter: 33--eaa-old michae3 waters walked in for questioning ú&ree detectives. back in march waters allegedly
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raped his ex-tkwroeupbd's nine-year-oll daughter infesting her with chlamydia. it economiessthree days after fox 45 profiled waaers in our >> somebody out here knows exactly where he's at. so please, give us a call. >> we got a tip michael waters -as in glen glen burnie. >> reporter: waters has been oo the run since march. he's beiig charged wwth sexual child abuse. joy lepoll, ox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you, jjy. you can see all the he people wanted in our fugitive fills y clickinggonnfoxbaltimore.command going toothe news features section. aa hurricann earl moves ever so closer tt the state of maryland, state emergency crews get prepared at the maryland emergency headquarters. ii's quiet now but a lot work i3 plans went ttat effect sunday
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and nema is communiccting with day. >> each day it gees more do.3 governoo o'malley had a conference call to discuss his concerns and issues so we'veúú&. >> in the middle of the storm nema ill be communicating wiih3 jurisdictioos every four hours. for more we go to vytas reidú standiig by live t the state fair. >> we're talking about summer-like temperatures beccuse it's summer. we're in the thickkof it. tte 90s..3ng the temperatures ii we're talkkng about suushine. come on out nd joy. the atlantic.e a coocern over let's talk about where the storm ú& right now, how ts strength is. looking at thh adaa or map the western edge of he chesapeake bby. western edge already issued tte
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coastallflood advisoriesswhich is expected beccuse of winds hurriccne watcc innpeak and sova ú&at's including those reas along te western edge. let's gg to the radar, show youú the ssorm. it'ssa very strong torm right now. that hurricane has about 125 myrrh winds gusting about 150 and that storr will continuu o track.3 take a look at the track real quick here coming up along the coastal regions and off hee3 coast of the mid atlantic. we have to follow this very the next few days. backkto you guys. ttank you, vytas. businesses often rely on the labor ddy weekend for their last big bbost in sales. business that's depend n thethe &-earl's phros.tching hurricane they hope the crowds aren't scared away by the forecast. of people, a lot of busiiess, ú&owds.
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a little worried abouu the raan alrrady booked tteir vacations, -opefully they will conniiue too come down.3 >> many hotels are usually sold out on sunny abeled weekends. with the storr bearing down ú&siness owners orry customers may cancel their reservation. are you changing your plans because of hurricane earl?ú go to ann let ussknow. you an also sound off on -acebook, send us a tweettor your esponse may airrtonight on fox 455news at 10. one perssn s hospitalizzd after aabuilding collapses about 11 a.m. today. briiks cooeree the sidewalk in what was left oo the roof laid -t an angle on eaat baltimore ú&reet. the buiiding was vacant. firefighttrs are noo sure how the perssn was hurt or how severe the injuries arr. edge report. -p>> we do haveetrouble in howad
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county tonight whereea car was crashed into a uutlity poll at be righttbe ight brackee drive. as we take a live look at libertyyroaa ou'll see the inner loop and outer loop lanes &-weedo have trouble as we make our way to the top side. an accidenttalong the inner oop at providence road as we checkú ii anddtake wide look at delaney vvlley road, you'll notice thhy really are going to be jammed. ww are dealing with an accident beaver bankkcircle and anothert rossdale boulevard. that'ssour traafic edge report. back to you. >> thank you, lauren. &-faciig federal charges that hú took bribes. senator ulysses curry wws indicted today.
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he's been under federal investigation for more than two he worked as a consultant for disclosing that. the indictmeet includes charges of speers,,bbibery, eettotioo and mall fraud. curry has decided to step down as chhirman of the budget aad taxation committee until the matter is resolved. a andiddte ffr baltimooe city state attorney generrl gets bernstein is challengingg-- the tpo*p says berrsteii would bring a fresh perspectiveeand apppoach hurricane earllis moving this way. whht theestorm could o to all this heat we've been undergoing. >> reeorter: i'm kathleenn3 cairns. ipod out how much allimore spent on an experimental sideealk and guess what.
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25,000 ffr one sidewalk. for an experiment gonn wrong. in tonight's waste watch, kathleen cairns live with why
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kathleen? >> reporter: one blook of craft street had to be completelyy3 resurfaced. that's because a $$5,000 investment that was an -xxeriient had to beetorn up and tossed out. 1700 feet of rubbbr ssdewalk was installed on this samm block as part of a pilot program ttrough the city's department off3 &-the transportatton cost a concrete sidewalkkcosts.0. -ranssortation adminnstrators vvndors told hem the rubber would last three ttmes longer. it turns out the $$5,000 sidewalk lasted less than threeú years. it had to be removed because itú was a safety hazaar. >> we''e not going to ppt ú&ymore rubber sideealks throughout the city at this time because we did not like the way with the ssanding water and the safety hazard that it created. >> reporter: we are bacc live in the inner harbor.
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the city won't say if it will meanwhile t spent $25,000 on &-ii had to spend $8,000 more to ggt the thing torn up and put live downtoww, kathleen cairns, fox 45 nees at 5:30. >> unbelieve unbelieeablee thanks so uch. you can see governmenn waste, if you sse government waste just call our hotline. you cann lso go to and simply click on waste watch. baltimore ity's council president wants to revisit changes made to the pollce and those revisions were made to featurers nd police officers protested downtown yesterday and this morning. its decision.ty should reevaluae the mayor, owever, isagrees. >> i made the tough deeisions
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and askee my colleagues to make tough decisions so we coold havú dignified but issone that the city can actually fford. ú&thhnk thaa's where we are -ow. >> police anddfire unions are suing the city in federal court because of changes to the pension. high temperatures cut the of students today. battte county schools released students two hours early. the year justtbegan on monday. somm baltimore county schools don't havv anyyac. >> the kids ust started back tt school and they are already getting off days. it makes it rough on parents. thhy have to ttke off time or their jobs. >> aad the heat will contiiue >> might noo be gooo news for educattos but it's good neww foú vytas reid s staying cool at the fair. ú& tryinn to stay cool. catch a moment in the shade if 3 can get a chhnce. looks like definitely hot temperatures out here. we're seeing temperatures aaross
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the staae in the 90s. we're seeing the area of high atlantic keeping it dry, clear. that's what we've been &-we can see those temperrtures righttnew ii the mid 90 as cross the ssate and we'll ontinue to hold on to those 90s until a frontal boundary pushes in to the great lakes.. heattindexxis what you get of you combine the moisture in the air and emperatures. it feels like abbot 100 deerees on tte surface. clear skies, going to the hd radar you can see that scanning the skies there's no precipitation o alk aboutt that high is aatually going to help us push earl and kkeppit out over to tte attantic and then the ffonntcoming in is als3 bit of a series to the right. -onight here's what ittlooos mainly clear skies. we''l see teeperaturessdropping out of the south. we will continue to see basically a mildlyywarm night &-live out hhre at the marylands
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state fair and it is a hot onn. but there's better conditions once earl asses up. >> you can traakkhurricane earl usinn the tools ii the skywatch. and click on weather. ú&> a royyl outrrge tooight. priicess diana's image beingg3 useddin an ad campaign.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. as in strawberries, ] new blackberries,oothies from mccafé are real fruit, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ a propane last levels a
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building near phil. flattened and large flames are alllthat was leff in the building. it was southwest ofú philadelphia. peopll in great britain are upsst over a new campaign out of china. a chinese company using images sell undergarments.ú diana to the program urges ccnsumer to see feel the romance of british royally. ú&itains say the campaign ii &-the 13th annnversary of princs di's death. with more kids playing sports out there, the chances of getting a concussion increases. new findings indiiate that iff3 thht occurs, don't have your33 child toogh ii out.
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injuriee happened to childrenrs between the ages of 8 and 13. >> what ssudiee are finndng, if there are repeated concussionn, there are ssmetimes cognitive -dficit such as irritabblity, fatigue, depression andd3ú &-child thinks they are okay, he them checkeddout by a dd. anywwy.
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